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Wednesday, January 30th 2008

12:40 PM

The Facade

In the event that anyone actually reads this...I'll speak in vagueries.

What do you do when you see beneath the facade and see the real face of someone? Do you walk away, knowing that said person has a darker side - lying - cheating - stealing? whatever their darker side might bring them to do? Or do you accept them for all their flaws, knowing that what they do might ultimately lead them to pain?

What do you do when you know things about people you ought not know?

You let them do as they will - friend or not, folk rarely like advice when you advise on things you should know be aware of. A good way to lose a friend, perhaps, or a warning to be more wary when trusting?

Lots of questions today, eh?

You should be in my mind all the time...it's cluttered up there. It is these questions and more that have kept me from blogging of late, and being overworked has put a damper on writing for the time being. That is the way of things, I suppose.

Let's kick it back to the 90's... X-Files.... Trust No One

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