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Thursday, February 7th 2008

1:28 PM

Thank You Mitt!!!

Well, the good news of the day, Mitt Romney drops out!

Ahem... WOOHOO!!!

That said...Romney spent most of his time as Governor of MA preparing his presidential run...he didn't do anything useful for this state, and I am soooooo thrilled that he will not be president in any way, shape, or form.

McCain, at least, gets some respect. I don't agree with everything on him, but he has shown a willingness to compromise with democrats, something our current tyrant...er...president can't claim.

Hillary and Obama...meh. Hillary did a lot for NY as Senator (we hear all about it on the local Albany news), so that gets her a few notches above Obama in my book (okay, neither of them made it into my books...it's a figure of speech).Obama...what has he done exactly? Being a good public speaker isn't enough to make you president.

So in the primaries I gave Hillary my vote, but McCain will get serious consideration when the real vote comes around...his choice forVP could make or break him in my thoughts.

What do you think?

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Posted by mike kerin:

Well said, I also respect McCain but I do not agree with his views on the war (stay in Iraq 100 years). I also agree that Hillary is the better choice and Obama is an excellent public speaker but that doesn't qualify him to run our country. That said , I like his views on the war!
Thursday, February 7th 2008 @ 2:15 PM

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