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Wednesday, May 14th 2008

6:28 AM


Yes yes, I've been extremely lax in the blogosphere of late.  Well deal. Here's an update.

I just got back from an interview on Whoopie FM (website above) - a great radio station down in Pittsfield. I wanted to thank Sherman Baldwin, the morning show host, for having me on and promoting my books The Elder Worlds and Continuum! All reports so far have been positive from the interview, and it was in fact the first in a series of interviews on local talent - coming up they're going to have the female lead from the new Indiana Jones movie on (a MA resident) so I'm in good company I guess.

As for the rest of the writing - it's still going. Book #10 has stalled a bit due to excessive overtime and/or lack of sleep, but I'm still plugging away at it, all the while promoting Books 1 and 2 and preparing for the upcoming proofs and likely fall release of The Crimson Staff, The Twilight Plain and The Argent Winter. I've also got a few things in the works that I'm keeping under wraps for now... updates when I have something a little more firm.

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