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Thursday, July 17th 2008

2:29 PM

Long overdue update!

Okay, this will be brief since I'm cooking dinner at the moment. Book #10 is finally! complete! (Dad, I'll be sending it to you shortly). Yeah, it took a lot longer than planned, but with all the OT at work, lack of sleep, etc. etc. it's been hard to motivate much in terms of writing. Nonetheless, The Fringe is now complete, and will be casually brushed aside as I start in on book #11, Hand of the Stranger. Yay me!

In addition, as I've been an uber slacker of late, I'm going to try to toss out more regular updates, hopefully revive the mailing list/discussion list idea, among other things. I'll also be going through the Rev-Co.net site soon and polishing things, updating stuff, and so on. Questions, comments, hit me at theroguewriter@aol.com - more updates soon.


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